Friday, July 7, 2017

loving life

Hi everyone!
Today I'm bringing you my off the shoulder, fresh summer look. This ootd is ideal if you don't feel like dressing up, but you still want to look presentable.
I wore this cute white top with blue vertical stripes, that happens to be off the shoulder (bonus!) from Banana Republic. This top is great to throw on when you don't know what to wear because it goes amazing with almost anything. Another perk about this top is you can dress it up or down because it is so amazing like that. You can also add a bralette to the look for an extra detail, just like I did. I paired it with this classic white bralette from Urban Outfitters. This combo went really well together and gave off that a girly vibe I was looking for.
I wanted to keep it simple with the bottoms, so I paired it with these white denim shorts from Ross. I love these distressed shorts because the detail makes the outfit laid back and so trendy. White, especially during the summer, is my favorite, because it gives you the summer glow. 
I kept it classic with my all time favorite gold sandals. I'm honestly obsessed with these shoes, they're my go to sandal and they never fail me.
This is a great summer look and is truly so easy yet so adorable!

flowy with a hint of green

Hi everybody!
Today I'm showing you this cold shoulder everyday summer look.
My top is so cool, flirty and has that trend factor going on. The style of the top is so in right now and offers such a simple detail that changes the look of the whole outfit.  I love the color of the top, it has hints of beautiful green, blue and a splash of brown. The color combination is fuego (hot) and really brightens up my face. I like how the top flows and love that I can show a little shoulder without over doing it.  I tucked my top half way so it wasn't too boxy. 
I paired my new favorite black high wasted shorts, with this cute could shoulder top.  These shorts are pleated in the front, they have big pockets and a belt for added detail to my outfit. 
These shorts are perfect for warmer days because they're flowy and breathable (score!).
I added these brown fisher sandals that are super adorable with this outfit and easy to walk around in.
This combo has me wanting to go out and hang with my friends. 
This outfit makes me feel fabulous and really makes me love my summer style. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hi everyone!
Who is loving this hoodie?  I am!  This look is perfect if you are feeling edgy and rebellious yet stylish.
I started by putting on this nude, cropped hoodie that has some inspirational wording down the sleeve.  It yells to the world, SELF MADE!  I love this hoodie so much because it inspires and shows people you aren't afraid of working hard and getting to where you need to be in life.  And it's such a unique detail to this outfit. 
I added a classic pair of black denim shorts from Ambercrombie & Fitch. The ripped detailing on the shorts give off a restless vibe to the outfit. This duo is exciting and fresh, yet perfect for the modern person.
Since it's summer and its on the warmer side, I paired it with a nude pair of sandals, I love these sandals because they fit into any outfit and are perfect for casual days like this one!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

self made babe

Hi everyone!
Todays ootd is modern yet unique. I started off the look with this boxy top from Chick By Glossy, I'm in love with this shirt because it says it all with the words across the top, SELF MADE BABE!  And it's purple.  Who doesn't like purple?
I absolutely love the message, its inspirational and powerful, and it's who I am. 
This top stands out on it's own, so to keep it as the focus I paired it with some basic white shorts from Target and wore my adorable gold sandals for a touch of magic. These shoes tie in the whole look and are my go to sandals for the summer.
This is a perfect summer outfit because the top will keep me cool and it's easy to move around in and not to forget to mention it carries a great message for all Chicks! Overall this is an amazing summer look!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

girly ties

Hi everyone!
I'm feeling classy and girly today, so I decided to incorporate that into my outfit. To start off the look I'm wearing a basic black tank top from Target and I paired it with this super stylish skirt.
You can pretty much wear any top with the skirt because it is so adorable, stylish and can be worn with a t-shirt, tank top and even a light sweater for the cooler evenings. 
This adorable mini skirt is from Chick By Glossy, and what makes this skirt stand out is the tie up the side. This gives off a girly feel, the skirt is very unique and the tie up the side adds a lot of detail to my outfit.  The color is so beautiful, it's beige and makes a great staple piece to your wardrobe. I added my favorite heel to the outfit making this look all around fabulous for the afternoon with friends. 
These adorable heels are from Chinese Laundry.
It was pretty hot so I styled my hair with French braids, giving it a classic look and keeping me cool from the summer sun.
I'm in love with this outfit! It's perfect for summer and super stylish.
Check out Chick By Glossy because my outfit would not be the same without this adorable skirt. 

Until next time! ❤❤

I would love to see your recreations from this look! Make sure to tag me @alexa_librababy on all social media.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

baby blues

Hi everyone!
Today's ootd is fun, chick and so fun, because I feel summer ready.  
I'm wearing this super basic grey tank top from forever 21, something basic like this can be worn with almost anything.  And you can dress it up or down depending on the accessories you want to pair with it.  I chose the grey tank top because it really fit well with my jeans and it kept me cool during the hot days. My jeans are flared and light washed and has two little pockets in the front.  I love it because its such a great detail and overall the jeans are fun, flirty, and different. I purchased these jeans from the Gap! I paired this look with my favorite gold slip on sandals from Bamboo. I love these shoes because they're comfy, stylish and easy to put on.  I matched it with this gold choker from Target, such a staple piece and it really made my outfit. This outfit is perfect for layering and casual days. I'm seriously gonna wear this one a ton!

Until next time! ❤❤

I would love to see your recreations from this look! Make sure to tag me @alexa_librababy on all social media.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hawaii 2017 Trip!

Hi everyone!
I recently went on a vacation to the beautiful state of Hawaii. I went to the islands of Maui and Kauai.
I first went to Maui, it was amazing, beautiful and so tropical.  We visited some beautiful locations like the waterfalls at Twin Falls.  We got to swim in the local swimming hole and go under the waterfalls and spend time with friends and family at this location for the day.  It was a magical spot and a nice cool off to the day! My adventures didn't end with the waterfalls or the swim, I tried parasailing for the first time and sailed to 800 feet in the air. I got to see the lush greenery, the blue ocean view and the sandy beaches from so high up. I went with my best friend and that was something I will never forget.
Next I went to Kauai and that island is so green, rainy, lush and the most amazing people ever. We went to see an amazing waterfall from a distance, the food, especially the local fish was delicious and the pools were amazing to swim and cool off after long hot days. 
This trip was ice cream filled, sunny, hot, beach days, and overall an unforgettable trip.
I want to also show my love for The Life Of Rihley Brand Boutique because I got to wear their amazing cover ups! They matched amazing with my swim suits, so comfy and easy to take on and off, and absolutely perfect for this trip!
Here are some photos and some beautiful pictures we captured.