Wednesday, February 1, 2017

50 Random Facts About Me!!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to post something a little different and something for you to get to know me a little better! So here we go!!

1) My favorite color is pink! (All kinds of pink!!!)
2) I currently have 3 dogs. (A Shebanu, a Rottweiler, and a Malti Poo.)
3) I love rollercoasters! The crazier the better!
4) I love hot Cheetos.
5) I have a twin brother.
6) My zodiac sign is a Libra.
7) I absolutely hate mustard! I think it's disgusting!
8) My favorite show in the entire world is Gossip Girl! I absolutely love Gossip Girl!
9) I love watching makeup, fashion, and hair videos on YouTube.
10) I love cheddar cheese.
11) I am always cold.
12) I love chokers.
13) I am chap stick obsessed. I own a ton of chap sticks.
14) I love reading. Epically books and magazines.
15) I'm obsessed with all the Lush products ever created.
16) I suck at math.
17) I am definitely a dog person.
18) I have three favorite animals, and they're dogs, monkeys, and elephants.
19) I have three favorite movies and they are, The Heat, Divergent, and The Fault In Our Stars.
20) I have Celiac Disease. (A disease where you can't eat gluten)
21) My favorite fast food restaurant is In & Out.
22) I'm obsessed with chocolate milk shakes.
23) My favorite ice cream is mint chip.
24) I had a brain tumor when I was younger.
25) I am currently learning Spanish in school, and I want to also learn to speak Portuguese.
26) My favorite food is pizza. (So original Alexa, so original.)
27) I absolutely hate elevators.
28) I love playing with snap chat filters! They always make me laugh! (Self promo, follow me! @alexa_librababy)
29) I don't like running, but I'm starting to run more.
30) My family is huge on sports.
31) I absolutely hate eggs! There so disgusting!
32) I am not a procrastinator! I like to get things over with!
33) When famous people announce there engaged I get so excited!
34) I am obsessed with the Bachelor!
35) My phone is always on low power mode.
36) I love the Ellen show.
37) I'm obsessed with social media.
38) I love listening to music.
39) I do hip hop and jazz (dance).
40) I love emoji's.
41) I also love bitmojis.
42) I love gum.
43) I don't like regular sour patch kids, I only like sour patch kids watermelon.
44) I like sparkling cider.
45) I have a lot of cousins.
46) I'm not afraid of heights.
47) I always use leave in conditioner after I wash my hair.
48) I have never been outside of the United States.
49) I love the song in my miNd by Maty Noyes.
50) I adore each and every one who follows me, likes my post. and is a supporter of mine!

I hope you guys enjoyed todays post and got to learn about me a little more. If you want me to do more like these posts leave a like and comment!

I really hope you guys liked today's post!

Until next time! ❤❤

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