Thursday, March 30, 2017

Slay Blues

Hi everyone! Today's OOTD is all about flirty and edgy! This look really gave me inspiration for spring. 
To jump right into the look I'm wearing this simple black crop top from Ross. It's simple yet makes a statement especially with this AMAZING joggers from Urban Outfitters. They're a beautiful shiny blue with gorgeous flower print that are super comfy and roomy especially if you want to wear them to dance. I tied in this look with the classic Adidas to make my outfit more street wear.
I'm loving the vibrant blue and flower print in my outfit. The flowers give off a flirty but playful vibe, something I love especially during the Spring
This look can be modified to your school dress code, or your personal style! The great thing is you can buy these in shorts! #SCORE! To conclude, this look is an absolute must! Go visit UA and buy yourself a pair of these flirty and edgy joggers and get ready for spring.

I really hope you guys liked today's post!

Until next time!

I would love to see your recreations from this look! Make sure to tag me @alexa_librababy on all social media!


  1. Rocking that look Alexa! Love your blog. ~Landon

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