Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hawaii 2017 Trip!

Hi everyone!
I recently went on a vacation to the beautiful state of Hawaii. I went to the islands of Maui and Kauai.
I first went to Maui, it was amazing, beautiful and so tropical.  We visited some beautiful locations like the waterfalls at Twin Falls.  We got to swim in the local swimming hole and go under the waterfalls and spend time with friends and family at this location for the day.  It was a magical spot and a nice cool off to the day! My adventures didn't end with the waterfalls or the swim, I tried parasailing for the first time and sailed to 800 feet in the air. I got to see the lush greenery, the blue ocean view and the sandy beaches from so high up. I went with my best friend and that was something I will never forget.
Next I went to Kauai and that island is so green, rainy, lush and the most amazing people ever. We went to see an amazing waterfall from a distance, the food, especially the local fish was delicious and the pools were amazing to swim and cool off after long hot days. 
This trip was ice cream filled, sunny, hot, beach days, and overall an unforgettable trip.
I want to also show my love for The Life Of Rihley Brand Boutique because I got to wear their amazing cover ups! They matched amazing with my swim suits, so comfy and easy to take on and off, and absolutely perfect for this trip!
Here are some photos and some beautiful pictures we captured.

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