Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hi everyone!
Today's look is flirty and a great back to school look. I'll be showing more outfits that are aligned with school dress codes but are fashionable at the same time.

I'm wearing this adorable half black, and half white tee from Chick By Glossy that is super flattering on the body. I love the different style that it gives than you regular basic one colored tee.
If you haven't heard about CBG you need to! Their items are personalized and really show off your individual style. They have something for everyone!

I paired this tee with a ripped pair of white shorts. But honestly pretty much any color on the bottom would work. I think even a red or blue would make the whole outfit pop. 
To make this outfit school appropriate, I would wear a longer pair of shorts or pants. I personally would wear white jeans, because white jeans are a classic and no matter what, always look good and presentable.
I wanted to add a pop of color to this already adorable outfit, so I put on these pink velvet shoes By Steve Madden, that I'm super obsessed with. These shoes are so flirty and perfect for the back to school season especially when you have to walk all around campus. You need to be comfortable!
This outfit is so chic and really is empowering and makes you feel like a total boss.

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